Studio Closure

Dear CenterPoint Pilates clients, teachers, friends, family, and colleagues, 

You may want to steep a cup of tea, this may take a while….. 

It is with a heavy heart, but one that is filled with an unexplainable amount of gratitude,  that I am sending this letter to you today. I have made the difficult decision to close my studio. CenterPoint Pilates will close its doors on Saturday, October 31st. 

COVID-19, this unimaginable force, has created unforeseen challenges that have negatively impacted the ability for me to sustain my business. The uncertainty of being allowed to open, then being told to close, etc, is not working and I feel these patterns will continue. We’ve now been closed since March 23rd, 6 months, and although we opened briefly for about 13 days at the end of June to early July, we’ve only seen a  very small handful of clients in person, about 10%. Without a vaccine, or plan, or clarity on when my business could safely re-open for everyone to return to their Pilates practice here, this choice has been made with much thought and consideration.  Everyone’s health is my number one priority.  

I honor and respect each and every client who has chosen not to return to the studio. I  understand completely. I also want to thank those of you who did come in for that brief time. Thank you so much. This pandemic also led several teachers to depart the studio to prioritize many very important matters in and for their own lives. This, plus clients not returning created an economic downfall, handicap, and dismal forecast that even the most robust and positive of spirits couldn’t repair. We’re all making choices right now, pivoting as they say.  

A Little History…  

I started the studio in February of 2001 and occupied several small spaces inside  Victoria Court as I was starting out. Many of you who found me at the beginning, are still here today. Amazing! I ventured into the upstairs space at 1 W. Victoria in 2004  and within one year of being upstairs, needed more space because we’d grown so quickly. From there, I took over the entire upstairs, and kept on growing! I took out two additional small spaces in Victoria Court and one across the street, all with the open and unending spirit of helping other movement teachers create their businesses under my extended arms of support. I’m so thankful that these walls have held us so tightly and securely for 20 years. I’m ever grateful for all that it has gifted me. 

I have mentored many teachers, all who are are shining so brilliantly today. Thank you for allowing me to be your teacher. For Sabrina Bell-Bonadeo, Kathy Bresslin, Lea  Longley, Aliza Nizet, Kaita Mrazek, Jo Shields, Ruth Alpert, and Mel Smillow thank you for all that you’ve given this studio and the clients over all the years. I have been blessed with some of the best teachers a studio owner could ask for, women who have supported CenterPoint as if it were their own. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I am so proud of these relationships and will miss them dearly. I have hosted countless workshops led by some of the most brilliant and top teachers in the industry; what an honor for me and a real gift to call them my colleagues. My personal profile has grown such that I began traveling internationally in 2014 and hope to resume when COVID-19  ends and we’re allowed to travel again. I am incredibly proud of all that I have created,  fostered, and managed as a solo, female entrepreneur in this beautiful city.  

CenterPoint Pilates has been a studio with the highest level of integrity, one based on equality, movement education, history, community, love and the attitude of “one size doesn’t fit all”. Everyone has been welcome. Many friendships have been formed here and we’ve all been through a lot together: weddings, divorces, pregnancies, babies, pets, teacher training, Solstice parades, Holiday parades, fires, floods, death, and difficult life choice-making. I’d say this has been a pretty damn good book, its pages filled with beautiful stories and joy! 

At this time of the fall equinox, I am reminded that its purpose is about finding balance and manifesting abundance, typically in regard to harvest. In reflection of all that I have harvested over these 20 years of being in business in Santa Barbara, I feel satiated,  content, and so, so proud. The equinox also urges us to go inside ourselves and reflect. It’s time for me to do just that. 

What’s Next…..  

I will continue teaching privates, duets, and group classes on Zoom and hopefully soon in a space that’s just right to recommence sharing my gifts. I do plan to expand my online offerings. Thank you for meeting me here. I’m staying on MindBody for now, but am looking into a different software program for class registration and payments. I will carry on teaching for Pilates Anytime and assist with content development as I believe highly in bringing the best Pilates education to all who look for it online. If you’d like to move with me there and see what else I’ve been up to for the past 10 years along with running this studio. In addition, I’m very excited to finally be participating in a Therapeutic/Restorative Yoga Teacher Training over these next few months. This training, in union with all of my other skills, is helping me design the framework for what’s to come. 

This transition will also give me time to focus on a project that is near to my heart and has been in my think tank for years: Care4CareGivers. I have a domain name and am starting to design the website. My goal is to create a non-profit organization whose purpose is to serve personal, professional, and hospice caregivers by providing them with movement education, resources, and opportunities for them to give back to themselves and to find and share in the joy of movement. I will start by offering a free weekly Mat-based movement class as well as a donation-based Reformer class, both offered online. It’s time to give back, be of service, and to prepare for the abundance of what’s to come. 

Other Teachers…  

Sabrina will be dividing her time between Singer Chiropractic/Wilson PT clinic as well as at Aligned Pilates Studio. Kathy will be offering her wonderful teaching in her new home studio. The same goes true for Aliza Nizet, ( Lea, Kaita, Jo, Mel, and Ruth will still be available too and are working on creating the best new environment for themselves. Both Ruth and Jo also teach at Simpatico Pilates in  Montecito. We’re still here for you all, albeit no longer at the brick and mortar location of 1 W. Victoria. Please reach out to us with any questions you may have.  


Remaining Classes…  

Please email the studio at for any and all questions at this time. For those of you with questions about your class packages that you purchased prior to COVID, you have several options to use those up. 

  1. Use remaining class credit by taking online Zoom classes. We will add a few more over the next few weeks to help accommodate you in using these up by Oct. 31st.

  2. Donate all or partial class credit to the studio for costs it will incur to close the studio doors (which are many). 

  3. Convert credit towards online private sessions with Amy at her rate of $125/hour.

  4. If no other option or if the above creates a hardship, request a refund for the remainder. 

With love and gratitude. In health and happiness, 

Amy Havens

CenterPoint Pilates is dedicated to excellence. We inspire growth and change, promote physical movement education and dedicate ourselves to the success of each client. We believe in continuing education and teach with respect, integrity, and safety.

"This beautiful studio serves clients of many different ability levels with care and attention to detail. Highly recommended!" -Heather

"Lovely calm environment, knowledgable, top notch teachers and equipment."

- Melissa


We are located at corner of State and Victoria on the second floor above Starbucks.

1 W. Victoria St

Santa Barbara, CA


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